Innovative Solutions in Industrial Coatings

Nikolas Thinners

Picking the right thinner for your coatings is important to insure maximum coverage, appearance and durability. Using a low cost or miss-matched thinner will increase your production cost and possibly cause costly rejects and field failures. Nikolas thinners are engineered to give optimum flowout and highest spray solids at the correct spray viscosity. Use Nikolas retarders to prevent blushing in humid weather. They are concentrated so a small amount will stop moisture from condensing in your lacquer and spoiling a good job.

What are Cleaning Thinners & Strippers?

Cleaning thinners and strippers are used to remove coatings. Cleaning thinners dissolve reversible coatings like our #8321 and #2105 Lacquers. Strippers are used to lift crosslinked coatings like our #9778 Uralac (Urethane) and #11470 Baked Epoxy. We make several variations of each type to meet the demands of the settings for which they’re used. If you are not sure which product is best for your application please contact us for a recommendation.