Innovative Solutions in Industrial Coatings

Reducing Thinners Selection Guide

Responsive Table
Product Evaporation Rate Weight/Gal. VOM#/Gal. Blush Resistance Flow Out Solvency Description
R-1500 Fast 7.21 7.21 Good Good Good Economical, good for wood and metal lacquers, also for building multiple coats. Not the best flow out. Will need retarder in high humidity.
#275 Medium 7.16 7.16 Good Good Very Good Economical, good flow out. Good for wood lacquer final coat. Good choice for all Nikolas metal lacquers. One coat.
Special #2105 Thinner Slow 7.27 7.27 Excellent Excellent Excellent Very good flow out for metal lacquer. Very good blush resistance. Good solvency allows spraying at higher solids.
#9413 Medium 7.41 7.27 Good Good Excllent Very good cutting power for spraying at higher solids. Urethane grade for use with #9778 Uralac.
#10 Very Fast 6.59 0 Poor Poor Excellent Very fast, good solvency, non-VOC. Very poor blush resistance if used by itself and poor flowout. Works in all Nikolas solvent based products.