Innovative Solutions in Industrial Coatings

LEED® Compliant Architectural Metal Coatings

Give your clients LEED® approved service without sacrificing the quality durability and beauty they deserve.

Depend on our Coatings Expertise

With 130 years of architectural experience, G. J. Nikolas & Co., Inc. knows how to protect and maintain architectural metals. Combine that with over 40 years of proven OEM and field applied environmentally compliant coatings, Nikolas has the products that work.

Nikolas offers a Full Line of LEED® Compliant Approved Products

We provide a complete line of products that allow you to minimize the environmental impact of maintaining architectural metal. Our premium products ensure that we’ll have the “Right Combination” of ingredients to give your clients the extraordinary finish they have come to expect, while satisfying their LEED® requirements.

Your Total Satisfaction is Important to Us

Before and after the sale, G.J. Nikolas & Co., Inc. is committed to providing the technical support you need. We’re available when you need us to answer questions, to help formulate a solution to your unique requirements, or simply to advise you on the most cost-effective way to give your clients a high quality finish. We are responsive to your coating needs and will work with you to see that you purchase the best coatings for your application, and advise you on technical matters that may require your attention. With G.J. Nikolas & Co., Inc. you have more options, particularly where smaller quantities and custom orders are required. We take pride in serving all of our customers regardless of order size.

Make it stand out

Its easy to find G.J. Nikolas & Co., Inc. coatings protecting high profile metal surfaces throughout the United States and the world. Banks, hotels, hospitals, theaters, historic buildings, cruise ships, statues, monuments and museums all depend on our coatings to maintain and enhance the metal surfaces on their buildings.

Questions? Contact us.

If you have questions concerning any of our products or their application please contact a G.J. Nikolas representative. For more detailed information you may request a Technical Data Sheet. These Tech Sheets will give you a full product description along with detailed application information.