Innovative Solutions in Industrial Coatings

Antimicrobial Lacquers

#15927 Semi-Gloss Anti-Micro ID Clear RFU, #15946 Gloss Anti-Micro ID Clear RFU & #15958 Semi-gloss Anti-Micro OD Lacquer RFU are Protective Lacquers.

These lacquer coatings are engineered to protect interior and exterior brass and bronze touch surfaces from oxidization and corrosion. They also incorporate an Anti-Microbial Surface Modifier which inhibits the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Using #15595 Eco-Century as the carrier vehicle for the anti-microbial surface modifier, the coating exhibits the same benefits found in #15595 Eco-Century.

Key Benefits

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  • Antimicrobial  Will not support bacteria or other microorganism growth.

  • VOC Compliant  For compliance with LEED Building Standards.

  • Low Odor  Reducing complaints when doing on site application or repair.

  • Excellent Wear and Perspiration Resistance  It will hold up under high traffic conditions.

  • Excellent Alcohol Resistance  It will stand up to repeated disinfecting cleaning with alcohol based liquid disinfectants.

  • Reversible With acetone or other lacquer removers, making refinishing easier.

  • Beautiful Flow Out and Appearance  Like all of the Nikolas line of Ready for Use (RFU) clear coatings.

  • Available in Aerosol #15945 Anti-Micro SG Clear Aerosol uses our famous #2105 Silver Lacquer as the carrier vehicle for the antimicrobial surface modifier, and exhibits all the durability and antimicrobial benefits of its big brother, #15927 Anti-Micro ID Clear RFU.

  • Stand Out From Competitors  Customers using these products can demonstrate how they are providing the safest environment by using antimicrobial Finishes on their common touch surfaces.