Innovative Solutions in Industrial Coating

 Eco-Borne™ Water Based Clear Lacquers

Responsive Table
Product Application Method VOC Pounds/Gallon; Grams/Liter Chemical Resistance Vehicle Type Cure Reversability Reducer
#12247 Eco-Borne WB Brass-Coat Spray, Dip 3.8 lbs/gal; 452 g/l Fair Acrylic Emulsion Air Dry Solvent Cleaner Acetone
#12407 Clear Eco-Thane Spray, Dip 2.74 lbs/gal; 329 g/l Excellent Modified Waterbase Urethane Air Dry, Force Dry Cold Stripper Ready for Use or Water
VOC levels down to 0.0 lbs per gallon are available to meet your specific EPA Requirements.